Environmental Assessment


BURNCO Rock Products Ltd today announced it has completed more than seven years of independent scientific studies and has now submitted the application to both the provincial and federal government regulators for the BURNCO Aggregate Project in Howe Sound.

“We have developed a plan with input from Government, Aboriginal Groups, scientists and the public for this project and have considered the comments and concerns raised to improve our approach and build an environmentally responsible proposal,” said Mike Powell, CEO of BURNCO. “We took the feedback we received through our public consultation efforts, engaged numerous experts in their field to assess each potential effect and concern and made many changes to improve our project.”

“BURNCO is committed to avoiding, reducing or otherwise mitigating potential effects of our proposal through design features, best management practices and other mitigation measures,” said Powell. “The conclusion of our exhaustive studies is that, with the application of design considerations and identified mitigation, no significant adverse effects will result.”

The application has been filed with both the Provincial (EAO) and Federal (CEAA) regulatory bodies. The results of the scientific studies are contained within the application and are available below and on the EAO and CEAA websites. Electronic versions of the application will be available for viewing at the following libraries: Gibsons and District Public Library, Bowen Island Public Library, West Vancouver Memorial Library, Squamish Public Library and Sechelt Public Library.

Environmental Assessment Certificate Application/Environmental Impact Statement (EAC Application/EIS) for the Proposed BURNCO Aggregate Project (July 2016)

Stand-Alone Summaries

PART A – Introduction and Background

  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Concordance
  • Preface to the EAC Application/EIS
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Executive Summary
  • 1.0 Purposed of the EAC Application/EIS
  • 2.0 Proposed Project Overview
  • 3.0 Assessment Process

PART B – Assessment of Potential Effects, Including Cumulative Effects, Proposed Mitigation Measures, and the Significance of any Residual Effects

PART C – Aboriginal Information Requirements

  • 10.0 Background Information
  • 11.0 Assessment of Potential Effects on Aboriginal Rights, including Current Use
  • 12.0 Other Aboriginal Interests
  • 13.0 Aboriginal Consultation
  • 14.0 Summary of Potential Effects on Aboriginal Rights, including Current Use

PART D – Federal Information Requirements

  • 15.0 Requirements for Federal Environmental Assessments

PART E – Environmental Management

  • 16.0 Environmental Management Program
  • 17.0 Environmental Monitoring and Follow-Up Programs

PART F – Conclusions and Commitments

  • 18.0 Summary of Residual Effects
  • 19.0 Summary of Commitments and Assurances
  • 20.0 Conclusion

PART G – References and Appendices

A third public comment period will be held on the Draft Assessment Report from the BC EAO.  Once this public comment period is complete the report will be finalized and sent to Ministers for decision.

Please see the chart below for the process schedule.