Potential eff­ects on freshwater and marine species and their habitats


Assessed Values

  • Salmon (chum and coho) and Cutthroat trout species and their habitats
  • Marine fish, sediments and benthic communities (fauna and flora)
  • Marine birds and mammals

Assessment Methods

  • Review of background information, environmental setting and characteristics
  • Fish habitat assessment and mapping, including sensitive areas and critical seasonal habitat
      • Streams, wetlands groundwater channels and other waterbodies
      • Intertidal and subtidal surveys
  • Fish distribution and abundance (including salmon escapement counts in Groundwater channels and McNab Creek)
  • Fisheries habitat modelling
  • Water quality
  • Geochemical water testing and modelling
  • DFO and MOE habitat assessment methods
  • Underwater video and dive surveys
  • Sediment sampling and taxonomy

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