Geotechnical & Natural Hazards

Geological, terrain and site conditions existing geotechnical and natural hazard features

Assessed Values

  • Terrain stability and earthquakes
  • Snow avalanches
  • Climate

Assessment Methods

  • Review of background information, environmental setting and characteristics
  • Inspect current conditions, including slope movements, erosion , drainage channel scour or downcutting
  • Geotechnical and geological mapping of outcrops and excavation of shallow test pits in key areas
  • Drilling investigation to determine if structural feature depths will impact stability of the site development
  • Evaluation of natural hazard conditions that could impact
  • Sequencing of excavation and development of pit slopes
  • Stockpile locations or heights
  • Stability of adjacent McNab creek channel side slopes
  • Review potential effects of changes in surface water and groundwater seepage
  • Stability evaluations for both static and seismic cases

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