Terrestrial Wildlife & Vegetation

Potential e­ffects on terrestrial wildlife and vegetation resources, species-at-risk, and important wildlife habitats


Assessed Values

  • Terrestrial wildlife species and their habitats:
      • Amphibian Species-at-Risk, including Coastal tailed frog;
      • Western screech owl;
      • Common nighthawk;
      • Northern Goshawk;
      • Band-tailed pigeon;
      • Marbled murrelet;
      • Roosevelt Elk; and
      • Grizzly bear
  • Terrestrial vegetation, Environmentally Sensitive Ecosystems and Rare plants

Assessment Methods

  • Review of background information, environmental setting and characteristics
  • Anecdotal site surveys and observations
  • Seasonal wildlife surveys, including:
      • Breeding bird surveys
      • Owl call playback surveys
      • Remote camera wildlife activity monitoring (3 years)
      • Amphibian surveys
      • Species-specific surveys and observations (e.g., Northern goshawk, Western screech-owl)
      • Marbled murrelet surveys
      • Rare plant searches
  • Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping
  • Wildlife habitat suitability mapping
  • Landscape analysis and wildlife habitat modelling

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