Project Description

 A detailed Project Description (dated February 8, 2010) was submitted to the BCEAO as the basis for designating the BURNCO Aggregate Project as a “reviewable project” under BC Environmental Assessment Act.  The February 8, 2010 Project Description was also provided to the CEA Agency; an updated Project Description (dated December 16, 2011) was subsequently submitted to both the BCEAO and the CEA Agency.  The December 16, 2011 Project Description is available here through the BCEAO website

Refinements have been made to the Proposed Project over time to address operational issues and comments and concerns raised by agencies, First Nations and the public. The main components of the BURNCO Aggregate Project are:

  • An aggregate pit development with proposed production volumes of up to 1.6 million tonnes per year;
  • A processing plant;
  • A marine loading facility;
  • Shipping;
  • Other on-site buildings and facilities; and
  • Reclamation, closure and monitoring.

The scope of assessment of the marine shipping component consists of the barge traffic in Howe Sound, Ramillies Channel, Thornbrough Channel, and Queen Charlotte Channel to south of Passage Island.  On November 12, 2014, the CEA Agency confirmed that the Project  does not include shipping from where the barges meet the existing shipping lanes in the Strait of Georgia and in the Fraser River to BURNCO’s existing facilities in Burnaby and Langley. Click below to see a copy of the CEA Agency’s letter:

 2013 11 12 Letter Regarding BURNCO Aggregate Mine Project.pdf

In early 2014, refinements to the size and orientation of some on-site components were made following detailed engineering design of the processing area and the associated system of tunnels and above ground conveyors. Click below to see a copy of BURNCO’s letter describing and illustrating the nature, extent, and rationale for these changes that was provided to the BCEAO and to the CEA Agency on August 5, 2014.

BURNCO Project Update 05Aug2014.pdf