Recycling & Environmental Stewardship




BURNCO is committed to reusing and recycling aggregate products whenever possible. The process involves taking broken concrete and asphalt to a recycling site where it is stored until there is enough to economically crush. The asphalt is separated from the concrete and used separately. A mobile crusher and screen is brought in to reduce the concrete to a useable size that meets many of the specifications of crushed stone and gravel. Rebar and other steel contaminants are removed during the crushing and screening process and sent to a metal recycler. The recycled asphalt product (or RAP) is used again in the hot mix asphalt process where it is blended into the asphalt plants, reducing the requirement for expensive asphalt cement.


As owners of the property, BURNCO is proud to take stewardship of the site. For BURNCO, that means not only caring for the land throughout the operation of the project and beyond, but also by cleaning up damage that was left behind by previous use that is too severe to expect nature to heal on its own.

  • BURNCO has cleaned up contaminants left behind from logging operations and remediated previous environmental damage.
  • In 2009 BURNCO planted 60,000 trees throughout the property where it had been logged but not replanted. The gravel pit will constructed on a 30 hectare portion of the 320 hectare property that has already been cleared.
  • There will be no net loss of fisheries in the area due to the Howe Sound Project. A fish spawning channel, constructed by previous owners of the property, will be relocated and reconstructed to make it more productive and fit better into the surroundings.